SoBo, Absolutely Unique and Reiki Ranch

We are so proud to announce our new web store! We are the exclusive carrier of SoBo, Absolutely Unique and Reiki Ranch products for your home, your heath and your well being.

Why Choose Us?

The Reiki Ranch is located in the foothills near Grass Valley. This area is blessed with many natural healing plants. I grow, harvest, dry, infuse oils and tinctures here on the ranch. I use these herbs in soaps, aroma therapy, salves and tinctures. Everything is fresh, organic and hand made.  Special orders can be made by request. I will do my best to get you the products you are looking for.

People don't care what you know, until they know that you care.

About Us

Tammie Siller

I started this journey with the hope of helping others. It started with Reiki healing, moved into other modalities such as Rife and Aroma therapy. Studying herbs I learned that many grew naturally at my home and it seemed serendipitous as a type of calling. When my mother grew ill with dementia I started making soap with herbs and aromas to help with her memory. That bloomed into a very enjoyable hobby that lets my artistic side blend with the healing side to make lovely products for anyone to enjoy